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Body Care

Body Care Products - Find wide range of Body Care Products at best price in India. Free Shipping & Cash on Delivery Available!

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Absolute Hydration ( Moisturiser )- 200 ml
Rs.475.00 Rs.427.50
Incl of Tax Rs.427.50
Almond Oil
Almond Oil 100 ML (Prunus dulcis) - Carrier Oil    USAGE   The classic quality ca..
Rs.490.00 Rs.375.00
Incl of Tax Rs.375.00
Avocado Oil 30 ML
Avocado Oil 30 ML (Persea Americana) - Carrier Oil    USAGE   This is one of the ..
Rs.360.00 Rs.247.00
Incl of Tax Rs.247.00
Basil Oil
Usage:   Basil oil has been found to be beneficial for alleviating mental fatigue, spasms, rh..
Rs.481.00 Rs.362.00
Incl of Tax Rs.362.00
Bergamot Oil 10 ML
Usage:   It has been used in the Middle East for hundreds of years for acne, boils, cold sore..
Rs.510.00 Rs.390.00
Incl of Tax Rs.390.00
Black Pepper Oil 5 ML
Usage   This oil stimulates the endocrine system and helps increase energy. It is anti-inflam..
Rs.535.00 Rs.413.00
Incl of Tax Rs.413.00
Cardamom Oil 5 ML
Cardamom Oil 5 ML (Ellettaria Cardamomum) – Essential Oil   Usage:   Helpful in ..
Rs.678.00 Rs.549.00
Incl of Tax Rs.549.00
Carrot Seed Oil 10 ML
Usage:   Its aroma is herbaceous, mild, spicy, slightly sweet and dry. Among its uses are ton..
Rs.560.00 Rs.437.00
Incl of Tax Rs.437.00
Cedarwood Oil 10 ML
Usage:   This woody and balsamic essential oil is balancing to the mind, body and spirit. It ..
Rs.267.00 Rs.159.00
Incl of Tax Rs.159.00
Celery Seed Oil 10 ML
Usage:   The oil provides relief from altitude sickness, glue ear, stomach cancer and also be..
Rs.428.00 Rs.312.00
Incl of Tax Rs.312.00
Chamomile Oil 5 ML
Usage   Chamomile is an excellent choice when it comes to soothing frayed nerves. Chamomile i..
Rs.838.00 Rs.701.00
Incl of Tax Rs.701.00
Cinnamon Oil 10 ML
Usage:   It is used for fighting viruses and infectious disease. It is found that virus, bact..
Rs.535.00 Rs.413.00
Incl of Tax Rs.413.00
Clove Oil 30 ML
Usage:   It is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and anti..
Rs.390.00 Rs.276.00
Incl of Tax Rs.276.00
COLOUR ME RED Perfume Eau De Toilette 50 ml for Women
Rich and ravishing, she is a sight to behold as she steps out of the limo - the rich red tones of t..
Incl of Tax Rs.899.00
Curry Leaf Oil 10 ML
Usage:   This essential oil is used by aromatherapists against diabetes as well as hair loss...
Rs.597.00 Rs.472.00
Incl of Tax Rs.472.00